Lindsay Lohan - lyrics "Nobody 'Til You"

Nobody 'Til You

I never walked on water Never saw a reason to be going out that far I never found a star, then made a wish But now the sky is listenin' to my heart

They can break me, make me If they want, they can chase me Love me, hate me, I don't care anymore


'Til you, it was nothing but lonely nights There was nothing but sad goodbyes For me to fall through Come true, my dreams are awakening Somebody is makin' me The only one in the room What nobody could do Nobody 'til you

And the more you talk, the less I fear No matter what you say We are still on the same hemisphere And it's comforting, just knowing that Wherever I go, a part of me is staying here with you

So take me, shake me If you want, you can chase me Love me for me, and stay away from the door


What kind of world would it be If you ever went away Oh, and I, I can't go back to what I had Cause it will never be the same

[chorus 2x]